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…where the client is the focus
                              of all that we do

moredesign is a graphic design consultancy with the vision and insight to produce exciting, relevant and effective solutions. Experienced across the range of business demands moredesign marries both intellect & understanding with an intuitive creativity that never fails to see the potential within your problem. A fertile imagination interacts with a sharp intelligence to produce incisive and dynamic results.

Our experience is broad, encompassing a mix of clients large and small. Appreciating every client’s individual needs moredesign provides the personal service that is a basic requirement for design excellence. We are well versed in all of the various creative demands that the business, manufacturing and retail communities can generate as well as those specific to the government, education and charity sectors.

Down-to-earth enough to understand that what really matters is your bottom line – our effective communications are cost neutral, they generate sales… good design means profit.

We value the potential within a one-man-band as much as the capacity of a blue chip client. Each of these scenarios demands a unique approach and a particular talent for conceptual and lateral solutions has been demonstrated.

Our methods at all times ensure that the client is the most important person in the design relationship. moredesign is a facilitator, making sure that your business moves smoothly from stage-to-stage achieving all of its targets along the way. The objectives are yours, the solution comes from within you, the eventual profits are yours. The creative spin is ours. We come together at the point of conception to establish a relationship which is essentially symbiotic.

You, the client, retain complete control of budget and timescales. We will build a synergy that maintains the free flow of information between all concerned.

Your objectives will be achieved!